Web application – What is it and its advantages for businesses


Having a business in the field of e-commerce or intending to develop a web application for your customers. Please do not loose the opportunity to read this page

In highly competitive world of today, businesses have no choice other than using communication channels and digital media to make constructive and useful relationship with their audience and customers. Having a website or webpage in which contents appropriate to business would be presented is one of effective ways of creating such relationship. On the other hand, through expanded usage made of mobile phones all around the world, many users are interested in receiving content-based services required, through internet and on their mobile phones. This has resulted in development of various mobile apps and software packages.

One of the approaches taken into consideration by businesses in the field is “web application” used by different managers and entrepreneurs to achieve different goals; however, what is web application and of what application it is?

What is web application?

Web application is in fact a software becoming applicable through browser, upon connection to internet network.

Web applications are usually rendering special services to users and their performance makes them capable of providing users with such facilities as internet shopping, ticket reservation, registration in a system, receiving information, and etc.

Advantage of using web application for users is that they can make access to concerned services with no software installed and not facing with insufficient storage space. Many businesses with Android or IOS versions of application try to develop web-based version for those users not interested or capable of installing an application.

It has to be noted that in many cases, functions and capabilities of web-based version of an application is equal to the application itself; and, users would be able to satisfy all their needs.

The difference between web application and website

There are some websites designed for desktop version and not being appropriate for usage in mobiles with relatively small displays. This is why; websites are developed in responsive way so that they could be used in mobile phones, appropriately.

However, that version of a website observed on mobile display has some differences with web application. In general, web applications are focused on performance and function to the aim of rendering services to users; however, presenting content is the only goal followed by websites.

Web applications make analysis on information related to each and every user and provide information and services to them in personalized form.

Web application provides users with this capability to make offline access to some sections in their next references made, only through one time connection to internet. However, in website version, internet connection is a must all the time.

For example, one of strong and popular web applications is Google Webmaster that collects very minor and different information from concerned website and adding them to each other and analyzing resulted information provides valuable knowledge to owners of concerned businesses. This information include diagrams and tables in relation to how much the site has been welcomed, highly visited pages, keywords, location of visitors, and etc.

Applications of web application

In general, web applications are of high speed, accuracy, and performance and appropriately capable of being run with no need to auxiliary software packages. The only tool required for usage to be made of web application is an internet browser which is installed on every mobile phone by default.

Also, web applications can store their information on cloud space or memory card; and, their integration on various devices is considered as another advantage. In fact, if user is using mobile version and uploads some information in web; he can make access to them through his desktop or tablet version.

It has to be remembered that, different businesses have to pay averagely 10 times higher costs for development of an application, compared to a website version in order for the same service to be rendered. From this perspective, it could be suggested that web application development is more cost effective.

Meanwhile, web application provides potential customers of services or products presented by a business not to take time for searching in app stores, and then processes of installation and putting into operation. In fact, access made by user to the service would be three times faster.

Web application security is considered as the other benefit of it for those businesses concerned about security risks. Web applications are based on HTTPS platform, reducing cyber problems to minimum.

Final Notes

In general, it could be suggested that web applications have many advantages and applications; however, still they have to be evolutionized. Anyway, they have much capacity for more development and can be resulted in role of installed applications to be faded out, in future. If intended to develop an application or website for your business, you would be better to also consider web application as an option.