What is a Technical SEO Audit?

You need to ensure that your content and website rank high in the search engine result pages on Google.

Our services to rank high your website in the search engine

  • Start With A Crawl
  • Review Sitemap
  • Check The Browseable Versions of Your Website
  • Check Internal Links
  • Test Site Speed
  • Check HTTPS Content
  • Use Analytics to Compare Site Metrics
  • Do a Backlink Audit
  • Re-Crawl The Website

Final Thoughts

A regular technical SEO audit of your website is critical for the success of your SEO strategy. Frequently testing all of the technical parameters for errors can help you spot and rectify them easily.

You must ensure that your website loads quickly and the internal linking is done well. Broken links and unnecessary redirects must be spotted and removed.

A backlink audit can also help you figure out which parts of the website need to be pushed further. It can also help you figure out the backlinks of your competitors.


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